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4 Beaches in Florida to Suit Your Need & Preference

Some of the best beach destinations in Florida are not necessarily those earning national recognition as the best beaches. A few beaches may not have the best sand or larger waves, but could be perfect for different audiences and here I present a few of them.

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1 – Daytona Beach, The Best Family Beach

These beaches are a favorite for the whole family. Twenty miles of brilliant white sandy beaches having clean blue-green water of the Atlantic make this beach appealing for children as well as grownups. Families will find a wide range of hotels and motels to suit almost any budget as well.

While the beach is the main attraction, there are other recreational opportunities such as water sports and a water park for the whole family to have fun with water. Of course, I cannot not forget the famous racing at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona and the Daytona 500 Experience.

2 – Long Key State Park, The Best Beach For Camping

You can see low and calm water outside the camp in Long Key State Park. Although it isn’t as extensive and sandy as some other beaches such as Fort DeSoto Park, people like it because of its peace and quietness. It is easy to spend a few days relaxing, bird-watching, diving near the coast or taking a relaxing nap in hammock, but just make sure that you wake up right on time to see the stunning sight of the sunset.

3 – Sanibel Island, The Best Beach For Seashell Lovers

Collecting seashells is a common pastime for tourists as well as the residents alike. You can see seashells on almost any beach, but Sanibel Island is one of the best spots in to see these treasures of the sea piling on the shore. It is believed that the way Sanibel Island’s flow and location is perfect for ‘shelling’ which allows the shells to unhurriedly reach to the beach without being damaged.

Whatever reason is there of the seashells to come to shore of Sanibel Island, there are many other reasons for the tourists to come to Sanibel Island. Many beautiful beaches and plenty of accommodation are available to suit almost any budget.

4 – Haulover Beach, The Best Nudist Beach

The legends tell that Haulover has been named after a fisherman namely Baker who lived in this area. He used to ‘haul’ the sponge boat on a regular basis from Biscayne Bay over densely forested dunes to the sea at this point.

The controversy that clings to the area is to sunbathe naked. Haulover has become very popular among visitors with clothing-optional beaches, however, this practice is limited to an areas of 800-yard of the beach out of 1.3 miles.